What we do

Inspiring people to grow and build better businesses.


Organizations are often complex things. But this is exactly where often the potential lies to advance entire companies. To make them more successful with both customers and employees.


Good leadership moves teams and entire organizations. As Hidden Champion for leadership and organization, we consult companies that take a broad view on leadership.


With successful talent, performance management and learning, HR is changing companies. And we help you do it. To get there, HR itself must also adapt.

How we work

What we stand for

 It is all about numbers, data and facts  – but not only. We work as a team  at eye level,  both internally and with our clients. Inspiring people  to get more out of their businesses  – that is the core of our work. Curious?  We are looking forward to an exchange!  What counts for us is performance –  and a culture of trust, solidarity and fun.   We keep all perspectives in mind:  From top management and market to employees.  Everyone here is different,  and that makes us strong. We stand for our  convictions.  We have the right mix of  many years of experience and current trends.  Everyone here has the ambition  to make organizations really better  – including our own. We are specialists for  organization, leadership and HR.   Our best solutions are co-productions  – found together with our clients.  We help each other  and celebrate success together.

Who we work with

That’s what our clients say

Lars Hünninghausen
Head of Comp & Ben, Deutsche Bahn AG

“For example, we introduced the DB specialist career with undconsorten. Great input and strategic vision that undconsorten brought to the table. I have never worked with a consultancy that is so spontaneous and flexible. Great job!”

Vivien Schmitt
Head of Executive HR
REWE Group

“For the development of our HR agenda, undconsorten gave me and my team great food for thought by providing insights into current HR trends! In just a few workshops, we developed a target picture and a very concrete roadmap together.”

Arnd Fittkau
Member of the Executive Board

“I have worked with undconsorten on various topics related to leadership, organization and HR. It was always very goal-oriented but also with a good eye for the people and feasibility. Extremely professional, while at the same time not as streamlined as others”.

What else?

Agile Organizations

How can your organization become agile? Find out more about our solutions.

A new light on leaders.

Learn how leadership is currently changing and what this means for your organization.

Coaching in Transformations

Join Bayer and undconsorten for a common reflection on how coaching can support transformation processes. Register here for our webinar on November 5.

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