#eye level

What drives us

Building Better Businesses – we want to contribute to organizations that are successful and fun to work in. When people are seen and motivated to contribute instead of doing duty by the book, when their collaboration consistently targets their customers and markets and keeps an eye on future trends, then companies can create incredible things!

As a top management consultancy, we help companies to enhance their performance by further developing their leadership, organization, and strategic HR work. Our goal is to ensure that our clients derive real, lasting added value from our consulting services.

We stand for excellent work: For the fourth time in a row, we have received the Hidden Champion Award in the category “Leadership and Organization” (2015, 2018, 2020, 2022). This is something we are proud of.

Who we are

A success story

undconsorten was founded in 2006 by Dr. Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen and Dr. Axel Sauder. In addition to a shared time at McKinsey, the two founders not only shared a close friendship, but also an enthusiasm for combining strategy and HR topics.

Since then, we have grown steadily – and are currently represented at three locations in Berlin, Munich and Basel (Switzerland). We now have more than 40 consultants with experience and passion for the success of our clients.

Our client portfolio also speaks for the effectiveness of our work. We have worked or are working for more than half of the DAX, as well as a large number of SDAX, family-owned companies, SMEs, private equity firms and many public institutions.

What we offer

Our expertise and products


We motivate our clients to build high-performing and successful organizations that provide an inspiring work environment.

We help with...

  • the development and implementation of a new organizational structure
  • your conversion to agile structures and working methods
  • the formulation and implementation of your purpose and corporate values


We help leaders make leadership better in their companies and strengthen organizations.

We support you...

  • in the definition of good leadership in your company (leadership mission statement)
  • in the design and implementation of leadership development programs
  • in the area of cultural transformation and change


We support the HR function to leverage the full potential of employees through state-of-the-art HR strategy and learnings.

We are your companions in...

  • the development of your people and HR strategy
  • the transformation of your HR department
  • strategic projects in the areas of talent and performance management, compensation, and learning and development

What makes us special

The focus is on people

We focus on co-production and working at #eyelevel – in our strong team and with our clients. This is what the name “undconsorten” stands for. In community we develop solutions that work. We consciously say: Our clients remain in charge. But we are the loyal companions – as consultants, moderators, sparring partners and coaches.

We strive to ensure that our consulting services are sustainable and effective – our concepts therefore always aim first at practicability, despite all striving for perfection.

To achieve this, we combine expertise in our subject areas with strategic, business-oriente d thinking. Knowledge and experience of the respective organization are incorporated through innovative methods and workshop formats, and executives and experts are involved. In this way, our clients’ organizations can always continue to work independently.

That’s what we stand for

These values guide our work




Corporate Social Responsibility

We take responsibility

An important part of our work is: to live a clear commitment to social issues. We see excellent education as the basis of our work. It is a decisive factor for the quality of personnel and thus determines the success of companies. In the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we therefore place a special focus on education – because we believe it is the best way to bring about positive social change.

Our consulting approach also proves its worth in the non-profit sector, and we have already been able to help many companies and organizations. We are interested in projects that aim to change society and companies and inspire others.

In recent years we have supported several such projects, most recently:

You could imagine that we can also help your organization, foundation, or social startup?
Then please contact us at  csr@undconsorten.de . We are looking forward to your request!


We are constantly trying to improve

Foresight and consideration regarding the use of natural resources are very important to us. Because we take our corporate social responsibility seriously, we are continuously working on becoming part of the solution to fight climate change. In our daily work, emissions are caused primarily by travel, heating, electricity and consumables – unfortunately not all of this can be avoided. And knowing that our efforts are still in their early stages, we strive for continuous improvement.

Beyond the individual awareness of our employees, an internal sustainability initiative is in charge of adapting the conditions within our company so that we can operate as sustainably as possible. Reducing our CO2 emissions is particularly important to us. Therefore, we encourage our employees to travel by train instead of taking the plane and in our offices we have been using electricity from 100% renewable energy sources since 2014. While we drive climate-conscious behavior within our teams, we are committed to offsetting all our emissions since the beginning of 2020. In order to become a climate-neutral company, we are collaborating with PrimaKlima, who are helping us to further reduce emissions and consistently offset unavoidable CO2 emissions.

Art &consorten

That inspires us

Art plays a central role for us – both in our private lives and in the office. It touches and fascinates us, and constantly challenges us to change perspectives. It creates valuable free space, contrasts and inspiration. Under the motto “Kunst undconsorten”, exhibitions of renowned artists are regularly held in our Berlin office. And thus an opportunity for discussions outside of our work with clients and friends.

Beat Zoderer

Beat Zoderer’s works have enriched us since the vernissage of the exhibition “Hirnen und Winden”. His oversized ceiling fresco in the shape of a brain and his Fake Knots invite us to a creative exchange and change of perspective.

Pascal Danz

In our vernissage “zoom” Pascal Dans played with motifs of complexity and ambiguity. These themes often accompany us in our work with organizations and his motifs inspire us and our clients to reflect.

Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer introduced us to the world of cinematographic images at a vernissage. Under the title “Voix sans visage”, his works could be admired in our office and some of them have enriched our working place ever since.