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undconsorten is different. Our clients feel this and our employees feel it too. We combine start-up spirit and professionalism. We work with excellence and pragmatism. We live performance and modesty. And we are a close-knit team with a passion for our clients and their business.

We work together WITH our clients on issues relating to organisational performance. We go the whole way with them - from concept development to successful implementation. We understand business and have a good feel for the human factor in organisations. That's what makes us successful.

undconsorten is a fast-growing top management consultancy founded in 2006 by McKinsey alumni with offices in Berlin and Munich. We support more than half of the DAX 40 companies as well as large family-owned groups and public institutions. We are proud to regularly receive awards and recognition such as Hidden Champion "Leadership and Organisation" and for Change Management.

What moves us ...

We firmly believe that enjoyment of work and economic success go hand in hand. Our aim is therefore to create organisations that are successful in their markets and with their employees.

Success factors of excellent organisations

Successful organisations are characterised by a common focus, effective positioning, committed employees, effective managers, high-performing teams, a constructive culture and a willingness to change. These characteristics are closely linked and reinforce each other.

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Our stance

At Consorten, people and shared values take centre stage. We combine expertise and strategic thinking with innovative methods to empower clients and their organisations. Discover our unique set of values with which we strive for sustainable solutions in a committed, professional and inspiring way.

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Current insights

Here we keep you up to date on hot topics, groundbreaking changes and inspiring success stories. In a constantly changing business world, it is crucial to be informed about the latest developments in order to make strategic decisions based on a solid foundation of current knowledge.

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A success story

undconsorten was founded in 2006 by Dr Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen and Dr Axel Sauder. In addition to their time together at McKinsey, the two founders not only shared a close friendship, but also an enthusiasm for combining strategy and HR issues.

Since then, we have grown steadily - and are currently represented at two locations in Berlin and Munich. We now have more than 40 experienced and passionate consultants who are committed to our clients' success.

Our client portfolio also speaks for the effectiveness of our work . We have worked or are working for more than half of the DAX companies and a large number of SDAX companies, family businesses, SMEs, private equity firms and many public institutions - and are passionate about contributing to our clients' success.

Detailed version of the success story


We want to contribute to better organisations that are successful in their business and with their employees. We are convinced that the two go hand in hand.

We believe that personal growth and economic success are mutually dependent. That's why we help companies to develop the potential of their organisation - for everyone involved: investors, employees, customers and society.


Collaboration on complex tasks requires clear rules - and their acceptance by employees. This is the only way for organisations to be effective. undconsorten therefore develops and implements solutions that make its clients equally successful in their business and with their employees.

As a top management consultancy, undconsorten specialises in making its clients' organisations more successful - in their markets and with their employees. This is based on the conviction that the formal aspects (including objectives, division of labour, processes and decision-making powers) of organisations are only effective if they are accepted and lived out by the employees.


Our consulting approach is based on expertise and #eyelevel. We work together with our clients to find solutions that work.

The clients remain in charge. We are loval Consorts, changing roles as required - consultant, moderator, trainer, coach - and always operate at #eye level, from the board to the operational base. The competences our clients rate most highly are teamwork, communication and implementation skills.


People take centre stage

We focus on co-production and #eyelevel - in our strong team and with our clients. This is what the name "undconsorten" stands for. We work together to develop solutions that work. We consciously say: Our clients remain responsible. But we are their loyal companions - as consultants, moderators, sparring partners and coaches.

We endeavour to ensure that our consulting services are effective in the long term - our concepts are therefore always aimed first and foremost at feasibility and sustainability.

To achieve this, we combine expertise in our subject areas with strategic, business-oriented thinking. We use innovative methods and workshop formats to incorporate the knowledge and experience of the respective organisation and involve managers and experts. This enables the organisation to continue working independently at all times.

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Dr. Axel Sauder
Dr. Axel Sauder