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Five Theses on Adult Learning


Adult learners require new, innovative approaches and an enabling learning culture, with regard to future qualifications and at the shopfloor.

Five Theses on Adult Learning2022-10-17T17:27:43+02:00

Fearing Transformation – Transforming Fear?


HR erwächst eine völlig neue Rolle als zentraler Spieler von Transformationen. Es geht nicht mehr nur um Effizienz und professionelle Personalarbeit, sondern um einen strategischen Beitrag zur Transformation der Organisation.

Fearing Transformation – Transforming Fear?2021-11-17T10:24:54+01:00

How to use coaching as lever for organizational transformation


Our experience shows, that coaching is usually still seen as an individual development measure available only to selected parts of the organization (typically: top executives) and is not used strategically. We are convinced: there is more power in it when linking it to organizational transformation.

How to use coaching as lever for organizational transformation2021-12-10T06:15:02+01:00

8 tips for a successful HR strategy


From numerous HR and HR strategy projects as well as discussions with CHROs and HR strategists, we have 8 insights for the successful development and implementation of HR strategies.

8 tips for a successful HR strategy2021-01-20T18:01:07+01:00

True High Performing Teams


Teams are better than individuals for countless reasons and are the cornerstone of any organization. Nevertheless, we still experience dysfunctional teams, especially leadership teams. What is the reason for this and how can teams develop systematically?

True High Performing Teams2020-12-02T11:55:59+01:00

New Normal: What’s new?


Several months after returning to a fragile "New Normal", much has changed in Germany. The economy as a whole is experiencing a sustained boom of tech companies such as Amazon and HelloFresh, while traditional companies continue to struggle for survival.

New Normal: What’s new?2020-10-25T19:12:53+01:00

Working or Not – Validation of Organisational Design


Companies constantly question their organization critically: Does it still meet the requirements resulting from changing conditions? Are we able to react quickly and individually to customer needs? Often smaller or larger reorganizations follow as an answer.

Working or Not – Validation of Organisational Design2020-10-27T09:08:42+01:00
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