Internship or career entry in consulting

Whether during your studies or after completing your bachelor's, master's or doctorate - at undconsorten you can get started at any time. You will take on responsibility in various project contexts and for internal topics at an early stage and actively develop yourself and the company. Apply now to the hidden champion!

Internship as a Visiting Associate

As a visiting associate, you will take on all the tasks of a consultant. As part of an internship lasting at least 12 weeks, you will be deployed like an Associate and will be a fully-fledged member of a project team. You will support the team in carrying out analyses and research, take responsibility for individual work packages and develop new solutions with the team.

Whenever possible, you will experience our day-to-day work in direct contact with our clients on site. And because we are convinced that you will quickly make a real contribution to value, we will also remunerate your work attractively.

During your studies, in addition to an internship, you will also have the opportunity to join us as a working student.

With a Bachelor's degree as a Junior Associate

As a Junior Associate, you will be part of our project teams from day one and work like an Associate. However, you will have more experienced consultants at your side.

Unlike Associates, your work is initially limited in time. After 2 years, we encourage you to complete your training with a Master's programme. Of course, we will support you in this - because we want you to return to us afterwards with the new experience you have gained.

With a Master's or doctorate as an Associate

Associate is the "typical" entry-level position at undconsorten. Together with experienced colleagues, you will drive client projects forward right from the start. You will research independently, conduct interviews, structure and analyse data, develop solutions for our clients' challenges with the team and prepare them for decision-making. You will help prepare and organise workshops and, over time, take on more and more responsibility for entire work packages, which you will also represent to clients. As a buddy, you can also accompany subsequent consorts when they join the company.

Depending on your learning curve, you may be promoted to Senior Associate after 1-2 years. Experience has shown that your colleagues in the project teams and our development programme ensure that this step is successful.

You can find more details here.

Find your place at undconsorten

Are you in the middle of your studies or have you already completed them? Then apply for an internship or direct entry at the hidden champion!

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Dr. Lena Zschunke
Senior Associate
Dr. Lena Zschunke

"During my work at university and in the communications and media sector, I realised that the 'how' is an essential factor for me when it comes to whether I feel comfortable in a job."

"In addition to all the joy of the varied and challenging projects at undconsorten, it's especially thanks to my colleagues and the open and appreciative environment that rarely a working day goes by without my learning a lot of new things and laughing out loud several times. For me as a literary scholar, the path to counselling was not predetermined. I believe that humanities graduates have exactly the right tools for the job - they are trained in hermeneutics, can quickly familiarise themselves with a wide range of topics and reflect on things on a meta-level."

Dr. Lena Zschunke

Plus points with undconsorten

We all agree: undconsorten is different from other consultancies. This is evident in various ways.

Projects and clients

How to become part of undconsorten

The process in 3 steps

1. application

You can apply to us all year round by sending us your complete application documents.

Your complete application:

  • Cover letter
  • Detailed CV in tabular form on a maximum of two pages
  • Copies of all relevant certificates (training, internship and/or work references)

2nd coaching call

If your application makes an impression on us, we will invite you to a recruiting day. A virtual coaching call will take place beforehand, during which you will receive all the information you need for the interviews.

3rd Recruiting Day

Our recruiting day takes place regularly at our Berlin or Munich office. Four interviews await candidates for a permanent position and three interviews await candidates for an internship. Afterwards, all interviewees discuss their assessments together and you will receive feedback on the same day.

Markus Schwartz
Markus Schwartz

"Looking back, I would swap exam periods and endless studying for practical projects with tangible added value any time."

"For me, it was the perfect decision to extend my gap year between my Bachelor's and Master's degree to include a permanent position in consulting and to receive funding for my Master's degree in addition to the practical experience. It gives you a lot of security if you already have a fixed career perspective before your Master's and can better assess your interests and strengths thanks to the practical experience."

Markus Schwartz

Frequently asked questions

To provide you with comprehensive guidance and support on your career path, we have put together this collection of frequently asked questions and detailed answers. We understand that the application process can be fraught with uncertainty. Our answers are designed to help remove these uncertainties and provide you with a sound basis for a successful application.

What documents do we need?
What is a recruiting day?
What is important in the interviews?
When will the decision be made?
Are you also looking for applicants without an economics background?
If I am rejected, can I reapply at a later date?

We are a hidden champion

This makes us very proud and grateful. We have been voted Hidden Champion for the fifth time in a row and have even surpassed our results from previous years.

We don't owe this recognition to just anyone, but to the people who are crucial: our clients. They have once again confirmed that we are better in our field than McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

We are delighted that our performance has been recognised!

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Nancy Wilfling
Nancy Wilfling
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