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Upskilling is an important lever for setting up your own workforce for the future. But not the only one. Immerse yourself in our People, Leadership and Organisation topics or continue reading here:

Workforce transformation

Which of the changes in the labour market and their consequences for business are we facing in this decade? Our major survey and series of events in cooperation with the Bundesverband der Personalmanager:innen e.V. (BPM).

Blended learning

A helpful concept for empowering your employees or just a buzzword? Find out more about our perspective on blended learning and what it can mean for your learning strategy.

Talent Retention

Attracting and empowering top talent for your organisation is increasingly a competitive advantage. It is equally important to effectively retain these top talents within your organisation. Find out more about our perspective on how you can retain your top talent!

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Stefan Ulrich
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Shirley Aulbach
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