Upskilling - Make your Workforce Future Fit

The world is turning faster and faster, forcing companies in all sectors to adapt their strategies. New technologies, expanded business areas and agile working modes require skills that were previously not (sufficiently) available. But where to get them? Why not utilise the existing potential of your employees? Only those who manage to take them along on the path to digital transformation and close skill gaps can successfully meet the challenges.

HR development meets upskilling. But how is it possible to familiarise a relevant number of employees with new or enhanced skills and establish a learning culture within the company? Further training and skills development have always been important, but should reach an ever-increasing number of employees in order to make a real difference across the board - so how do you scale the training on offer? As an organisation, how do you ensure that the right skills reach the right employees at the right time?

Our experts for the Round Table

Dr. Thymian Bussemer
Bereichsleiter HR Strategie & Innovation, Volkswagen AG
Simone Berger
Chief People Officer (CPO), STADA Group
Dr. Emmanuel Siregar
Generalbevollmächtigter CLAAS Gruppe, CHRO, Arbeitsdirektor, CLAAS KGaA mbH
Dr. Axel Hüttmann

Round Table Details

The undconsorten Round Table is a proven and popular format for the exchange of experiences and interactive discussion. Together with BPM Austria, ÖBB Infrastruktur AG and the WU Executive Academy, we bring together top-in-class companies from DAX40, large family businesses and digital champions on selected topics in order to learn from each other and develop new ideas together. We offer you the opportunity to be part of it:


WU Executive Academy
Welthandeslplatz 1
Building EA
1020 Vienna - Austria

Date & time

17 April 2024, 08:30-17:00

Broadening perspectives - Further topics

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Dr. Axel Hüttmann
Dr. Axel Hüttmann
York von Negenborn
York von Negenborn
Project Manager