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Are you facing one or all of the following challenges?

  • Multi-channel is overwhelming your sales staff - but the old method of face-to-face meetings is no longer as effective as it used to be?
  • Digital sales coaching isn't working like it used to - and your sales managers need help to improve?
  • Stress and pressure are making it difficult for sales managers to do a good job?

Strong sales managers can capitalise on the opportunities of this new world of sales.

Our tried-and-tested Academy for Sales Transformation makes sales managers fit for the future - with plug & play training courses that...

  • contain easily digestible theory,
  • offer many practical exercises and applications for everyday life and
  • arecustomised together with you so that they focus on your very specific goals and opportunities in day-to-day sales management.

Simple, entertaining, customised training from the Hidden Champion.

Target group

Sales managers and managers


Mixture of (virtual) training, group work, exercises in daily work

Time required

1-2 days per module (depending on requirements)

Topics that we cover in our training

Remote leadership & coaching

  • Making hybrid teams successful
  • Maximising sales through effective remote coaching
  • Efficient communication and planning in hybrid sales teams

Change & Transformation

  • Find out what change & VUCA does to your team
  • New potential by dealing with change in your teams
  • Reflect on how a growth mindset helps teams to be more successful and willing to change

Emotional intelligence

  • Improving sales and sales teams by recognising emotions in the virtual space - learning how to react to them with confidence
  • Recognising emotions in yourself and managing them to be a better leader
  • Using emotional leadership to motivate teams

Stress & resilience

  • What stresses you out and how much stress is (still) productive?
  • Practising techniques for coping with stress at work and improving leadership skills
  • How can you reduce stress during your free time?

Digital expertise

  • Making virtual formats and workshops a real success with customers and in teams
  • Improve your virtual presentation and communication skills
  • Exchange information about your available tools and how to use them optimally


Next level sales training for managers

All training courses designed by undconsorten - multiple hidden champion for leadership & organisation

To date, several hundred managers have been successfully trained throughout Europe, with a proven sales effect

Unanimous praise and positive feedback

"The topics are just right. My sales managers ask me for help and I am happy that I can now deliver."

National sales manager

"This is exactly how it should be done! Super flexible and up to date with current best practice learning methods."

Learning Expert

"It was great how much the Academy helped me to change my own mindset, away from the challenge and towards growth."

Sales Transformation Manager

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Thekla Kovacev-Schmidt
Thekla Kovacev-Schmidt
Associate Principal
Dr. Axel Sauder
Dr. Axel Sauder