HR Transformation: Successful organisations leverage the potential of their employees

Engaged employees are valuable to any organisation. Engagement is the result of numerous factors, including the experience of clear and attentive leadership, successful collaboration, personal development and productive work contexts. Many of these factors - especially in large organisations - also depend on effective strategic HR work.

Successful strategic HR work, in conjunction with managers, helps employees to grow and develop and to acquire and test the necessary skills. This creates productive working environments and a work culture that inspire employees and encourage top performance.

Challenges and solutions

Particularly in large companies, the HR function is the only player that can systematically influence most of the relevant levers. This can only be done in close co-operation and on an equal footing with managers. This requires an effective HR function as well as customised HR solutions.

We therefore support our clients in the further development of HR strategy and the organisation as well as the empowerment of HR employees. Where necessary, we contribute our expertise to the development of modern services relating to recruitment, people development, remuneration and performance management, which managers and HR can use together to recruit, manage and develop their employees.

Based on tried and tested methods and tools, we develop customised solutions for our clients.

Examples from our consulting practice

Upskilling at Scale
HR strategy
Performance management
Our experts

If you want to support managers in creating a dynamic work culture that is essential for business success, we should talk. Together we will discuss how you can strengthen your organisation so that commitment and motivation arise and grow naturally. We support you with functional expertise, sustainable methods and a strong focus on effective implementation.

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Stefan Ulrich
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Motivated employees - this is how it works

How you can effectively measure and increase employee engagement.

What should you think about when addressing the issue of motivated/unmotivated employees ?

When addressing employee engagement, you should consider the importance of open communication, regular feedback and recognising employees . It's important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions. This not only encourages engagement, but also innovative ideas and solution strategies for problems that arise.

Numerous questions can arise, such as: How do I measure the current level of engagement? What factors influence engagement in my organisation? How can I create a culture that promotes engagement? Our experts will help you answer these questions and develop practical solutions.

Under what conditions is the topic particularly relevant for your company?

The topics of employee engagement and employee experience are particularly relevant if you are experiencing high staff turnover , want to increase the innovation potential in your company or if you are looking to change your corporate culture. It is also important if you are in a growth phase or need to respond to changes in the market.

Performance management: the key to success

Performance management is a decisive factor in promoting committed employees. An effective performance management system helps to evaluate and improve employee performance. At undconsorten, we understand that performance management is more than just appraisals - it's about developing talent and fostering growth. Our approach to corporate performance management includes customised solutions that respond to the specific needs of your organisation to drive performance at all levels.

Performance management is a critical factor in the modern business environment. It is about developing a system that motivates employees to realise their full potential and contributes to the achievement of corporate goals.

  • Performance management system: An effective performance management system is the backbone of any organisation. It enables the continuous monitoring and evaluation of employee performance, sets clear objectives and provides feedback. It helps employees to understand their contribution to the company's success and to develop themselves.
  • Corporate performance management: Corporate performance management extends the focus beyond individual performance to include the overall performance of the organisation.
  • Integration of performance management: The integration of performance management into the corporate culture is crucial. This should be seen as a continuous process that includes employee development, goal setting and feedback. A well-integrated performance management system promotes a culture of performance and engagement.

We can help you develop systems that increase employee performance and satisfaction while improving overall efficiency and productivity in your organisation.

Measuring talent management and employee satisfaction

Talent management and measuring employee satisfaction are critical to understanding and improving engagement. Our methodologies include best practices to measure current engagement levels and identify areas for improvement. We provide you with solutions to increase employee satisfaction, which ultimately leads to higher engagement and better performance. With our support, you can create a culture where talent thrives and stays with your organisation for the long term.

  • Performance management: Performance management is a key component of talent management. It involves assessing and developing employees' skills to ensure they achieve their professional and personal goals while contributing to the organisation's success.
  • Measuring employee satisfaction: Measuring satisfaction is a critical aspect of talent management. Through regular surveys, feedback sessions and conversations, organisations can develop a better understanding of what motivates employees and how their satisfaction can be increased.
  • Developing talent strategies: Developing effective talent strategies is critical to attracting and retaining good and exceptional talent. This includes career development, succession planning and creating a culture that encourages personal growth and professional development.

At undconsorten, we understand the importance of engaged employees and how they can help your organisation achieve all of its goals. We believe that a company can only be successful if it has engaged and motivated employees who are committed to their work. undconsorten is ready to support your company with customised solutions and strategies.

Committed employees: The recipe for success

Committed employees are at the heart of every successful company. Employee satisfaction, team development and talent management are of great importance and contribute to creating an engaged team.

Recognising the difference between satisfied and engaged employees

Recognising the difference between mere satisfaction and true engagement is crucial. Satisfied employees are important, but only engaged employees will drive your organisation forward. We show you how to encourage this engagement and create a culture where all employees are fully engaged. We support you in promoting genuine commitment.

Ensuring committed employees

Fostering engaged employees requires an effective strategy that includes regular feedback, recognition and enabling the achievement of professional goals. We support you in creating an environment where employees feel valued and give their best.

Measuring employee satisfaction

Measuring the satisfaction of your employees is an essential step in increasing engagement. We'll show you how to effectively collect and utilise employee feedback to continuously improve job satisfaction.

Promote team development

Strong team development is crucial for building engaged teams. We help you create the right conditions to foster effective and motivating team dynamics.

Taking talent management to the next level

Talent management is more than just managing skills - it's about recognising and nurturing the potential of individuals. We'll show you how to optimise your talent management to boost employee performance and engagement.

FAQs on the topic of committed employees

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How important is employee engagement?
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