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The companies that succeed in the long term are those that make the best use of their employees' potential. This requires a clear HR strategy. Close to the business and with the employees in mind. Only a powerful HR organization can achieve this goal: In our approach to HR consulting, we see personnel as a central production factor that is crucial to the company's success. We attach great importance to the further development of skills, performance management and the strategic realignment of your organizations. From recruiting and people development to performance management. For this to work, cooperation with managers and employees is crucial. The lived culture makes the difference! As a strategic HR consultancy, we provide you with advice and support on all HR topics and the associated current challenges in order to take your (HR) organization to the next level, design efficient processes and develop a corporate culture geared towards innovation that meets the demands of the market.

Workforce transformation

Which of the changes in the labour market and their consequences for business are we facing in this decade? Our major survey and series of events in cooperation with the Bundesverband der Personalmanager:innen e.V. (BPM).

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What we work on with you as HR consultants

Personnel and HR strategy

  • What will the business and working world of the future look like for your company?
  • What does this mean for your structures and working methods, your employees and their skills?
  • What can HR and managers do to prepare for change?

An effective HR strategy requires more than just looking at the employee life cycle. It only becomes truly effective when it is close to the business. It supports employees and managers in their day-to-day work. This creates a roadmap with a focus: impact before actionism.

HR transformation

  • What will HR offer in the future?
  • How are the needs of business and employees changing?
  • What roles and skills are needed in HR?
  • How do you make optimum use of HR IT?

Successful HR transformations enable you to utilise the potential of your employees. Your HR organisation needs a future-oriented operating model. Clear communication and empowerment programmes will also make your HR transformation attractive to employees.

Culture, diversity & change

  • We need more customer focus, faster decisions, more innovation! What does a corporate culture that achieves this look like?
  • And how do we change in the right direction?

With this business focus, diversity and change management become relevant for managers. If the goal is clear, then the need for change can also be identified. Decisive success factors for implementation: The role model role of leadershipnew rules of cooperation - and grassroots initiatives.

Recruiting & Talent Management

  • How do you find enough suitable staff?
  • Why do people choose your company?
  • How do you ensure that your employees are committed and develop - for the requirements of tomorrow?

A talent strategy helps you select the right tools. Depending on the company's situation and culture, different philosophies make sense: do you want grassroots or elite sport, planning or market? In any case, the processes and offerings should be as user-orientated as possible.

Learning & leadership development

  • What skills does your company need for the future?
  • Which learning opportunities best support your managers and experts in developing their skills?
  • What do you do when large groups of employees need to learn new things quickly, such as in large-scale upskilling and reskilling programmes as part of workforce transformation?

Lifelong learning ensures your company's success and makes your employees better. A strategic plan points the way. And learning opportunities linked to business initiatives bring learning to where it is most effective: into everyday business life.

Performance Management & Compensation

  • What management and incentives do you need to increase the performance of your organisation?
  • How important is the contribution of teams and individual employees?
  • What does an effective performance management process look like?
  • And how does it work together with your other HR processes?

A clear performance philosophy helps to design processes correctly and eliminate deficits. Where success depends more on co-operation than on the efforts of individuals, the importance of performance culture increases. Remuneration is an important component in the competition for talent - but not the only one!

What we have achieved with our clients

Upskilling at Scale
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Performance management

HR consulting @ undconsorten

We see ourselves as strategic organisational, management and HR consultants. But what does that actually mean in the HR dimension? With our HR consulting services, we support our clients in realising the full potential of their employees through state-of-the-art HR work. We stand for a holistic approach, functional expertise, sustainability, implementation orientation and efficiency.

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