Leadership:Effective leaders improve teams and entire organisations

Organisational structures only really come to life with the enthusiasm and commitment of employees. It is therefore important to transform organisational goals into tangible reality - and this can only be achieved if all employees pull together.

This is where managers come into play: they are the spark igniters and, together with their teams and employees, shape a vibrant work culture from rigid guidelines and organisational framework conditions. We integrate these aspects in a holistic approach with the other success factors of excellent organisations and thus achieve truly sustainable results.

Challenges and solutions

As a hidden champion for leadership & organisation, we help companies to think leadership as big as it needs to be. What does agile leadership mean in this new context? How are high-performing teams created? And how can a culture be created in which effective leadership is possible? Depending on the problem, we support our clients and their managers in developing and strengthening their understanding and principles of leadership, leadership development, shaping leadership cultures and promoting top management teams. Using proven methods and tools, we offer customised solutions and strategies to equip your managers and teams for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Leadership culture
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If you and your team are looking for support in your development, we should talk. Together we can discuss how we can use our holistic approach and functional expertise to make your organisation more successful with sustainability, a focus on implementation and efficiency.

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Clara Drewes
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Dr. Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen
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Thekla Kovacev-Schmidt
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Nadeshda Kreya

Effective leadership: The key to excellent organisations

As a hidden champion for leadership & organisation , we advise companies on the premise of challenging the status quo and thinking leadership bigger. Because companies with effective leadership achieve more. These companies are also more successful on the market. Quite simply because leadership reaches, motivates and empowers all employees - and aligns their actions with the organisation's goals. Or creates creative spaces for new, better goals.

Managers are under pressure: they must constantly develop - live the topic of change - and still "deliver". Uncertainty, social changes and shorter product and technology cycles demand speed and flexibility. Agile mindsets and methods are giving rise to hybrid organisations.

What does agile leadership mean in this new context? How do high-performing teams emerge? And how do you create a culture in which effective leadership is possible? We work with you to answer these questions, which will determine the short and long-term success of your organisation.

Transformational leadership - here's how it works

The implementation of transformational leadership requires a strategic approach. It starts with the understanding that true leadership goes beyond the management of work groups. It includes:

  • Development of charismatic leadership qualities
  • Integration of feedback systems for the continuous improvement of leadership behaviour
  • Focusing on agile leadership and adapting to current developments and challenges

What should you think about when addressing the topic of transformational leadership?

When implementing transformational leadership, you should focus on the following key elements: How can you as a leader inspire and motivate your team? How can you ensure that your leadership styles are aligned with the goals and values of your organisation? How can you create a culture that encourages innovation and continuous learning?

It is crucial that your leadership styles are aligned with both the goals and values of your organisation. Another important aspect is creating an organisational culture that encourages innovation and continuous learning. These elements are essential to creating an environment in which transformational leadership can flourish.

How many questions can arise? Under what conditions is the topic particularly relevant for your company?

The implementation of transformational leadership brings with it both challenges and opportunities. Some key questions are: How do you deal with the fast pace of digital transformation? How do you integrate agile leadership principles into your organisation? How can you ensure that your managers have the necessary skills to develop innovations?

These challenges offer the opportunity to strengthen your organisation and prepare it for the future.

Leadership coaching and CHRO skills

Leadership coaching and the development of CHRO skills are critical to fostering a culture of transformational leadership. This includes:

  • Individual coaching for managers to develop their transformational leadership skills
  • Training CHROs to be more effective in leading work groups
  • Developing leaders who are up to the challenges of digital transformation to strengthen leadership and commitment

Our experts at undconsorten offer specialised programmes and training to strengthen your leaders and optimise your HR functions. We help you to establish a leadership culture that maximises the effectiveness and engagement of your employees.

Agile Transformation Leader: Success factors for companies

Agile transformation leaders are critical to the success of organisations in today's fast-paced business world. We help you develop agile leadership styles that promote rapid adaptation and innovation, and identify and implement success factors that drive your organisation forward in digital transformation.

Our targeted approach focuses on identifying the key elements your organisation needs to be agile and adaptable. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can equip your leadership teams for the challenges of the future.

Transformational leadership: the recipe for success

Developing and strengthening leadership understanding and principles, leadership development, shaping leadership cultures and promoting top management teams are some of the approaches we use to specifically increase the effectiveness of our clients' managers. We offer customised solutions and strategies to equip your managers and teams for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our experts work closely with you to develop top management teams and put your organisation on the road to success.

Leadership understanding & principles/guidelines

A meaningful understanding of leadership and clear leadership principles are the backbone of effective leadership. They not only serve as a guide for managers, but also characterise the culture and success of an organisation. A well-founded understanding of leadership enables managers to fulfil their role consciously and purposefully. It helps to create clarity about expectations, responsibilities and goals, which in turn is essential for effective decision-making and team leadership. Leadership principles act as an ethical compass.

How do you define leadership in your company? How do your managers orientate their actions?

Leadership development

The demands placed on managers are constantly (and sometimes suddenly) changing. Their adaptability and their ability to deal with uncertainty are crucial for the success and development of those they lead. After all, they are also role models for the managers of tomorrow.

How do your managers need to position themselves for the future? What development programmes do your managers need? What should the corresponding learning architectures and methods look like?

Leadership development

Leadership culture

Leadership does not work in a vacuum. The corporate culture provides the framework and helps to shape leadership. It is therefore worthwhile to consciously and strategically define a target culture. We take the first steps towards this together with top management, managers and employees.

How should your corporate culture change? What does good leadership actually mean in your culture? And how does it contribute to your strategy?

Top Team Development

Successful management teams need a shared vision of their strategic direction. And they need to become a real team themselves. We believe that high-performing teams are more important than individualists. In the spirit of the growth mindset: every team can become more effective.

How can your management team pull together? How can we help top teams in your organisation to work even better together?

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Dr. Axel Sauder
Dr. Axel Sauder

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