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“A successful transformation requires people who drive it” – with that premise in mind, Arvato decided in 2019 to enable top leaders, talents, and change makers to be Digital Champions who can contribute to a successful digital transformation. Even though the content of the program has evolved over the years, the original aim remains the same: To prepare employees for digital change and enable them not only to master this challenge, but to use it to their advantage.

In 2019, Arvato embarked on an ambitious journey to spearhead digital transformation within its ranks. Recognizing that true transformation is driven by its people, they initiated the Digital Champions Program (DCP). This innovative program was designed to empower top leaders, talents, and change makers, turning them into Digital Champions capable of steering the company towards a digitally savvy future  while bringing knowledge and innovation to the entire organization.

Initially, the program was an exclusive platform for 200 people – top management and selected talents. They participated in intensive 1.5-day in-person training sessions, meticulously crafted and delivered by undconsorten. These sessions, limited to 20 participants each, focused on instilling crucial skills in agility and new leadership paradigms. This bespoke approach ensured a highly engaging and effective learning experience.

However, it soon became evident that the potential for Digital Champions extended far beyond the initial 200. As the program gained momentum, Arvato and undconsorten adapted to the increasing demand and evolving landscape. The format was revolutionized, transitioning from physical meetings to a dynamic, virtual learning environment.

This shift included several key innovations:

  • Replacement of the 1.5-day training with a series of succinct, virtual sessions
  • A combination of lectures open to all participants (recorded for accessibility) and small, interactive seminars for in-depth learning
  • Introduction of voluntary deep-dive sessions for participants eager to delve further into specific topics
  • Facilitation of unmoderated peer-exchange, encouraging collaboration and shared learning
  • A novel, university-style approach incorporating elements of gamification, such as credits, a freshers' week, and a graduation ceremony

This reinvention of the DCP has transformed it into an internal brand of Arvato, one that continuously attracts and nurtures talent. Over the years, it has evolved not just in content but as a beacon of Arvato's commitment to digital excellence which received its first elearning award in 2023. At undconsorten, we take pride in our pivotal role in shaping and contributing to the success of the Digital Champions Program, a testament to our expertise in driving meaningful and lasting change in the world of management consulting. 

With the DCP, we aim to empower our employees and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing and digital world.

Linda Coughlan

Company facts

Arvato is an innovative and internationally leading service provider in the field of supply chain management and e-commerce and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann. By combining many years of industry expertise with the right technologies, Arvato develops innovative solutions for its global customers in the consumer products, tech, healthcare, automotive and publishing sectors. 17,000 employees at around 100 locations work with state-of-the-art cloud technologies. This enables Arvato to provide its customers with the best possible support for their growth targets.


Successful mix of training formats

Our training focuses on creating a positive learner experience, with flexible Essentials (foundational virtual sessions offered at multiple times with recordings) and engaging deep-dives for in-depth exploration. The deep-dives encourage interaction through short presentations, peer-to-peer discussions, gamification, and reflection activities, fostering a sense of community among all Digital Champions.

Future-relevant skills for all roles

The Digital Champions Program (DCP) at Arvato empowers employees from diverse roles with the digital skills to drive the company's transformation. Through its tailored curriculum, the DCP promotes digital literacy, inclusive thinking, and effective communication in virtual and in-person settings. It also fosters a growth mindset and culture of continuous learning. For those seeking deeper expertise, the program offers specialized deep-dives on topics such as virtual collaboration, change management, and leadership in a hybrid work environment. Throughout the program, participants engage in small group discussions on unconscious biases, empowering Arvato's Digital Champions to create an inclusive digital future.

Feedback from participants

Check with Daniel, how to best integrate individual quotes

Excellent presentation and story telling. I find beneficial hearing real relatable stories in place in Arvato to bring the learnings from DCP alive.

For me it was the perfect mix of listening to the speakers and "working" on surveys or exercises, I really enjoyed it!

A very interesting and informative presentation from everyone and the practical tips were the cherry on the cake.

Great session; good to get more tips and tricks from others and knowing that everyone is feeling some of that stress also. Great guest speaker with lots of insights and a real handle on the issues that impact everyone.

Related success factors 

Successful organizations are characterized by common alignment, effective positioning, committed employees, effective leaders, high-performing teams, a constructive culture and experience in change. These characteristics are closely linked and reinforce each other.

Corporate culture

Strengthen teams and organizations with effective leaders. Our approach is based on the conviction that organizational structures only really come to life with the enthusiasm and commitment of our employees. It is about transforming formal ideas into tangible reality - and this can only be achieved with each individual in the team.


Agile Leadership

We share our perspective on agile leadership and take a look at the three crucial components of mindset, processes and roles. We also clear up common misconceptions and give tips on how you and your team can successfully work in an agile way.


Blended Learning

Blended learning stands for the combination of digital learning with traditional face-to-face formats. Blended learning has recently become more and more of a buzzword. Virtual working, training delivered via virtual meeting tools are becoming the standard. This means that every training measure is quickly becoming blended learning. So the question for us is, what is a good blended learning concept?


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York von Negenborn
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