Organisational consulting: Making organisations better

Successful for the market & employees

Organisations are under pressure to change. Constantly. Megatrends from digitalisation to demographics, tougher competition, changing customer expectations - the pace is increasing, the niches are narrowing. At some point, small adjustments are no longer enough. Holistic organisational development is needed. A strategic perspective on the capabilities of the organisation of tomorrow. For acute redirection, ongoing improvement processes or the big bang. An overarching understanding is crucial for organisational change. In addition to structure and processes, the informal aspects are often decisive. How well does cooperation work at key interfaces? Are your employees working on the right topics? How do learning and continuous improvement work? As organisational consultants, we work with you to develop the answers that determine success in the market and with employees.

Organisational consulting

What we work on with you

Organisational design & validation

The design of organisations is often a challenge: clearly defining your own aspirations, mastering complexity and winning employees over to new ideas. And all this in an environment with different stakeholders and different goals.

  • What is your specific goal for a new organisational design?
  • Where do you see the biggest challenge for your organisation?

Agile evolution

Making organisations more agile and achieving measurable benefits in terms of innovative ability, customer proximity and efficiency - it's possible. We rely on an evolutionary approach so that the organisation continues to develop even after the end of the project.

  • Do you want to become more agile?
  • How much change is your organisation ready for?

Smart reorganisation

Turning things around in a difficult economic situation is challenging enough. We are convinced that long-term success must also be kept in mind. Becoming leaner and smarter are not mutually exclusive - and can take companies to the next level.

  • Where does your company need to become leaner, where smarter?
  • How can employees be involved in order to generate acceptance?

What we have achieved with our clients

Organisational design
Agile evolution
Talk to us

If you want to further develop the set-up of your organisation and improve management and collaboration, we should talk. Together we will discuss how we can make your organisation more successful with a clear business orientation, a holistic approach and a focus on implementation.

Dr. Florian Dressler
Dr. Florian Dressler
Lucas Brosi
Lucas Brosi
Associate Principal
Dr. Axel Sauder
Dr. Axel Sauder

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