8 tips for a successful HR strategy

Change – experienced as the “New Normal” – continuously gains momentum. A clear HR strategy provides orientation, but also needs to be updated again and again. From numerous people and HR strategy projects as well as from discussions with CHROs and HR strategists, we have derived 8 tips for a successful development and implementation of HR strategies.


Axel Hüttmann
Axel Hüttmann
Partner, Head of People Practice

It is crucial to include the company’s business perspective in the analysis and development of the HR strategy. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the HR strategy is determined by the ongoing business.

Benchmarks only supposedly provide security: useful as inspiration, often wrong as a substantiation. Therefore, benchmarks should rather be used additionally to a deep analysis within and outside the organization.

The description of day-to-day operations is not a HR strategy. In fact, it rather focuses on core directions of particular importance and with need for additional resources.


HR strategies provide guidance for all employees, not only HR. The broad inclusion and reflection of ideas from all levels of the overall organization is therefore strongly recommended for raising acceptance.

The added value of a strategy is achieved through its implementation and not just through its mere development. The right change and communication architecture is a significant factor for a successful implementation.

Avoid overburdening the (HR) organization with a myriad of parallel projects. Sensible prioritization as well as sequencing of projects with the highest effectiveness and radiance is helpful to ensure success.

Increase the implementation speed of projects through agile working practices. Rapid creation of light houses and their communication into the organization also create and boost momentum

In both, HR and business, “evangelists” are important to convince employees of the HR strategy and create momentum.


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