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Here we keep you up to date on current topics, groundbreaking changes and inspiring success stories. In an ever-changing business world, it is crucial to be informed about the latest developments in order to make strategic decisions based on a solid foundation of the latest insights.

Honoured as a Hidden Champion

undconsorten has been recognised as one of the hidden champions of management consultancies for the third time in a row. Five questions & five answers with our partners Axel Hüttmann, Axel Sauder and Jens Müller-Oerlinghausen regarding the Hidden Champion award in the field of "Leadership & Organisation".

Volkswagen - with a knowledge advantage through the COVID crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak in China, which occurred earlier, gave Volkswagen a head start in terms of knowledge: how do you restart production in an organised manner? The Group is now a real best-practice example with its 100-point plan.

Put more attention on retention: A smarter way to bridge the talent gap?

Many companies currently struggle with increasing attrition, and we see it across a wide variety of geographies, branches, and job groups. For not a small share of organisations, this has the potential to disrupt the stability of their business model or even endanger it completely.

How to use coaching as lever for organizational transformation

Our experience shows that coaching is usually still seen as an individual development measure available only to selected parts of the organisation (typically: top executives) and is not used strategically. We are convinced: there is more power in it when linking it to organisational transformation.

Interview: Design of the new digital unit for Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

If you work without a clear focus and strategic direction, you will be overtaken by your competitors and lose out on the market. We show how strategy implementation can succeed.

Interview: Business model development "Urban Hubs" at APCOA

APCOA has mastered the transformation from a traditional car park operator to an urban service provider. We accompanied them on this journey and talk to Frank van der Sant, Chief Commercial Officer, about the transformation.

Interview: Digitalisation of the global HR function at STADA

Together with undconsorten, Stada has introduced a global HR suite. We spoke to Dr Thomas Mattes, Director People Analytics at Stada, about the launch.

Interview with Oliver Bendig, Chief Executive Officer at Matrix42

What I believe a successful manager needs to bring to the table today is the idea of a growth mindset. This means that I have a "learn-it-all" rather than a "know-it-all" view

Art in the office context - a dialogue full of surprises

An interview with Berlin-based artist Matthias Bitzer about our collaboration after he installed numerous artworks and interventions in our offices in 2022.

Restructuring in companies

Restructuring is complex and fraught with risks and uncertainties at all levels. The success of restructuring therefore depends not only on a good concept, but also on the effective management of these risks.

How-to: What does a successful reorganisation look like?

Teams are better than individuals for countless reasons and are therefore the cornerstone of every organisation. Nevertheless, we experience dysfunctional teams time and again, especially management teams. What is the reason for this and how can teams develop systematically?

Making transformation child's play

When employees ask seemingly trivial questions, it shows a genuine interest in change. The confidence to ask these questions speaks in favour of a culture of openness, which should definitely be encouraged.

Focus and make things happen - Vodafone

As a leading telco player, Vodafone is a pioneer for digital infrastructure. Together with undconsorten, Vodafone Germany has set up a digital accelerator for the business segment and introduced agile working approaches.

TOM will do it

Through the joint development of a clear target image, the optimal balance of push and pull in implementation and the parallel addressing of systemic and behavioural levers, undconsorten achieved a significant increase in sales performance.

How to make the transformation work?

How can agile transformation succeed? Together with NewRe, we discussed this with managers and experts from various areas (innovation, HR, IT, operations, strategy and transformation) at an aperitif in Zurich shortly before the lockdowns caused by COVID-19.

New Normal: What's really new?

After a few months of returning to a fragile "new normal", a lot has changed in Germany. The economy as a whole is experiencing a sustained boom in tech companies such as Amazon and HelloFresh - while traditional companies continue to struggle to survive.

Three common pitfalls to avoid in organisational redesign

Organizational continuously evolve, but in the process of taking the next step in the organizational design mistakes happen. Here we show three common pitfalls in organisational redesign.

Culture Matters - AGP

In June 2018, AGP, an innovative manufacturer of glazing solutions for the automotive industry based in Lima (Peru), embarked on a challenging endeavour: its first transatlantic transaction, the building block of an ambitious global expansion strategy.

Real high-performing teams

Teams are better than individuals for countless reasons and are therefore the cornerstone of every organisation. Nevertheless, we experience dysfunctional teams time and again, especially management teams. What is the reason for this and how can teams develop systematically?

Global Talent Development @thyssenkrupp

An interview with Frank Fischer and Dr Anna Osterspey, People Development & Executives Management at thyssenkrupp, about thyssenkrupp's new Talent Development Platform TD Core.

Successful sales in uncertain times

In times of Covid-19, sales is faced with particular challenges. In many industries, this is particularly evident in parallel supply and demand shocks, the elimination of entire channels or the complete switch to virtual working in the sales team.

Team Moments That Matter

Teamwork characterises our daily work. We explain our view of what is important in the work of high-performing teams.

Corporate learning as a pioneer for the learning organisation

Corporate learning is seen as a way of shaping and implementing the learning organisation in order to meet the constant pressure to adapt.

Blended learning - reaching your goal with the right mix of methods

Blended learning stands for the combination of digital learning with traditional face-to-face formats. Blended learning has recently become more and more of a buzzword. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and virtual working, training delivered via virtual meeting tools is becoming the standard.

How to make your talent management fit for the future

How talent management can be successful in the long term and the challenges it has to overcome.

Zwei Mitarbeitende in einem modernen Büro betrachten Dokumente an einem Tisch.
Leadership - shaping leadership culture

Companies with effective management perform better. These companies are also more successful on the market. Quite simply because leadership reaches, motivates and empowers all employees, aligns their actions with the organisation's goals or creates creative spaces for new, better goals.

Personnel development at NEUWERK

Case Study: How undconsorten supported the law firm NEUWERK in the professionalisation of its personnel development.

How junior managers learn at KPMG

undconsorten supported KPMG Germany for two years in developing and introducing an innovative and comprehensive HR concept under the motto "Strengthening leadership. Promoting strengths" to develop and introduce an innovative and comprehensive personnel concept. The result is a new management structure in which young managers take on more disciplinary responsibility.

Management in the area

undconsorten supports several large area organisations in improving their leadership performance. As experts in leadership and organisation, we know that this is key to improving organisational performance.

Leadership principles: Examples, methods and implementation tips

Teamwork characterises our daily work. We explain from our perspective what is important in the work of high-performing teams.

What bonds for better corporate governance are there in rowing?

Basically, the different types of performance management can be categorised into four systems, which are based on completely different images of people, corporate cultures and contexts.

Leadership development: concept, methods, objectives and practical tips

Leadership development is the targeted promotion of skills, behaviours and attitudes of managers and a sub-area of personnel development. But what exactly does this mean and how can leadership development succeed in your organisation?

Agile leadership: the most common pitfalls and best tips

In this article, we share our perspective on agile leadership and take a look at the three crucial components of mindset, processes and roles. We also clear up common misconceptions and give tips on how you and your team can work successfully in an agile way.

The CHRO role in the New Normal

We spoke to Birgit Bohle, Board Member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Telekom, and Dietmar Eidens, Chief Human Resources Officer, Merck KGaA, about the CHRO role in the New Normal.


Making organisations more human. - The companies that succeed in the long term are those that best utilise the potential of their employees. This requires a clear HR strategy. Close to the business and with employees in mind. Only a powerful HR organisation can achieve this goal: From recruiting and people development to performance management.

Performance management: Which approach suits your company?

Basically, the different types of performance management can be categorised into four archetypal systems that are based on completely different images of people, corporate cultures and contexts.

Transformation - not without HR!

HR is increasingly becoming a central player in transformation processes. It is no longer just about efficiency and professional HR work, but about making a strategic contribution to the transformation of the organisation.

8 tips for a successful HR strategy

Numerous personnel and HR strategy projects as well as discussions with CHROs and HR strategists have provided us with eight insights into the successful development and implementation of personnel strategies.

Organisation Scan

Every company has unutilised performance reserves. Managers often have a rough idea of where these reserves lie. However, before you start trying to access unutilised resources, it helps to identify them precisely and point out specific levers for possible improvements.

First step towards old greatness

In 2018, we were asked to support the turnaround of a large, globally active medium-sized company. Together with an internal project team, we developed and validated measures with a medium-term savings potential in the three-digit million range with the management and mapped them transparently in a tool for ongoing controlling.

Working or Not – Validation of Organisational Design

Companies are constantly scrutinising their organisation: Does it meet the requirements resulting from changing conditions? Can it react quickly and individually to customer needs? This is often followed by smaller or larger reorganisations.

Scaled Agile Frameworks – damit Agilität auch in großen Unternehmen funktioniert

How can large companies also work in an agile way? Scaled agile frameworks are a first starting point for scaling agile working methods.

Besser als Daumen drücken – was wirklich zur Strategieumsetzung hilft

If you work without a clear focus and strategic direction, you will be overtaken by your competitors and lose out on the market. We show how strategy implementation can succeed.

Matrix organisation: Successful application

Matrix organisations help to respond flexibly to the challenges of the VUCA world. The individual design of the matrix organisation requires in-depth familiarisation with the advantages, disadvantages and key success factors. This article also uses practical examples to explain how to successfully introduce a matrix organisation and improve the performance of existing matrix organisations.

Success factors for the implementation of agile methods in large organisations

In an environment with a very heterogeneous IT landscape, strong legal regulation and traditional working methods, we introduced agile methods in the product development of a leading insurance company.

Mission statement for companies: Definition, procedure & example

What is meant by a mission statement? Which elements are typical? And how is a mission statement successfully developed and introduced?

How organisational development works: procedure and tips

Every organisation is unique and every organisational development poses different challenges. We provide tips.

Practice what you preach - How Scrum is continuously evolving

The Scrum Guide has been adapted. Where is Scrum heading?

Organisational structure: What is important for companies

The simplest form of establishing a division of labour is an organisational structure in which clearly described tasks are assigned to specific parts of the organisation. But what exactly does this mean and how can you optimise your company's organisational structure?

New mission statement for itelligence

Last year, itelligence - one of the leading IT consultancies focussing on SAP and the midmarket - renewed its mission statement and has since been using the claim "We Transform. Trust into Value".

HR for Business Impact - Bertelsmann

Hays Steilberg, Executive Vice President Management Development, talks to undconsorten about the dovetailing of talent management and strategy at Bertelsmann.