Interview: Design of the new digital unit for Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

Pressure to innovate, increasing competition from start-ups, cultural shifts and dynamic market changes. Digitalisation and technologisation require companies to constantly evolve. Our client Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, part of the Bertelsmann Group, also faced this challenge. The answer: a new digital unit in which all digital competencies were to be bundled in order to optimise the existing core business and ensure future competitiveness.

A four-person undconsorten team supported the project, from the organisational design to the change and communication strategy. Nina Bessei, Project Manager at undconsorten, spoke to Boris Scholz, Chief Digital Officer at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, about the collaboration and the project a good five months after the new organisation went live. Find out for yourself how a reorganisation of almost 300 employees can succeed in a short space of time, what hurdles need to be overcome and what other companies can use as a guide for similar digital reorganisations.

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Lucas Brosi
Lucas Brosi
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