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The Workshop

Reflecting and establishing new routines

2020 was a year of many changes for organizations worldwide: virtual working, shortened decision-making processes and new forms of collaboration have determined our everyday work. While many things were tried out last year, we are increasingly observing that newly established processes and routines, brought about by the crisis, are gradually becoming established procedures. Some of these create real added value, even beyond the crisis, while others need to be steered in the right direction. As Hidden Champion in Leadership and Organization, we offer a one-day workshop for you and your team to reflect on the lessons learnt and find your optimal path in the New Normal. This is what you can expect:

  • Identification of concrete opportunities for your organization in the New Normal.

  • Actionable solutions to master your immediate challenges in the New Normal.

  • Team roadmap to ensure efficient and aligned actions of all relevant stakeholders.

  • Proven best practices and success factors from comparable organizations.

Participant Voices

Lean, simple and effective format

″Ramp-up is ongoing so it’s important to finally think strategically about the next steps now.”

″Excellent online facilitation by undconsorten and great use of virtual tools.”

″Great initiative, very inspiring insights and an intensive exchange – thanks a lot.”

Challenging times

Trends and changes in the New Normal

In the work with our clients we see that organisations and individual teams are facing a multitude of external changes and influences imposed on them in the New Normal. How well teams and organisation deal with those immediate challenges will determine how successful they are in the future.

Competitors & Market

  • Lower barriers to market entry due to (increased) digitization
  • Increase in disruptive market changes due to M&A
  • New competitive opportunities through more consistent glocalization

Supply Chain & Workforce

  • “Glocalization” to ensure production stability and quality
  • More flexible workforce composition
  • Flowing borders to external partners

Politics & Society

  • Social distancing & contactless economy
  • Stronger focus on health (system)
  • Increasing regulation and rising employee rights


  • Digital mindsets & home office
  • Growing environmental awareness and increased expectations of CSR
  • More cautious consumption due to recession


  • Increasing “technologization” and innovations
  • Further digitization/automation of manual and cognitive tasks
  • More use of data & predictive analytics in management and business processes

What challenges are your team facing?

Have you had the time to take a step back yet? The New Normal Workshop gives you and your team the chance to reflect on the new situation.


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Axel Sauder
Axel Sauder
Head of Organizational Practice
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Nina Bessei
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