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kunstundconsorten #8
Season of the Witch
  • March One: The cover picture of the opening shows the theme “Women as the voice for social events“
  • Season of the Witch, 30 works: “That’s not what I’d call typically feminist!“
  • "Oh, that's also part of the exhibition?" — a guest at the opening
  • The artist Jen Ray (on the right) in conversation with Nadja Kreya, responsible consort for the Kunstundconsorten series.

Creativity plays a decisive role in our daily work, because complex problems often require unconventional solutions. "Although the artwork in our offices does not help us directly with our work, it certainly affects us indirectly in the subconscious mind. We discuss the art regularly and it promotes our creativity both visually and intellectually." — Nadja Kreya, responsible consort for the series kunstundconsorten

To express our commitment to art as well as to provide a platform for selected artists to whom we have a personal connection, we hold an annual opening and exhibition at our offices.

The centerpiece of the opening: a performance with three actresses, in which "Jen Ray managed to transform her art from images into dimensional space" — a guest at the exhibition

This year the opening was dedicated to feminism. The New York artist Jen Ray, who approaches the topic from an unusual perspective with her series Season of the Witch, was the guest artist. She presented the guests with a spectacular evening dedicated to her art, not only presenting her filigree watercolor drawings, but also with a live performance. At the entrance guests were greeted with a sign that read: "Warning: Strobe lights will be used during tonight's performance. Seizure warning!", setting the scene for the night.

In particular, the harsh contrasts between classic office space and controversial art inspired discussions, enriching conversations between clients, friends and consorts. For example, after the performance of three actresses, the guests wondered whether Jesus was reincarnated as a woman on the kitchen counter of the office or whether the production was more a homage to the rappers' scene in Brooklyn.

About the artist

After living and working in Berlin for several years, Jen Ray is now back in New York City. The motif of the woman has also been an important focus in her art. She herself says that for her, art is a catalyst for expressing current social influences. In Season of the Witch she picks up on the "dark times that the USA is currently facing." However, she is not only affected by society; other artists also have a significant influence on her style.

  Jen Ray's Website