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How to focus on user experience for more impact in HR work
The opinion research institute Gallup reports that in Germany approx. 6 million employees have resigned internally, and this tendency is growing. Many companies measure historically low employee engagement values. According to Gartner, only 29% of employees state HR knows what they really need.

The participants of the round table  'Moments that matter in People Management' hosted by undconsorten and Novartis

This is reason enough for us to work with Novartis to find solutions for more effective human resources management. At our round table on "Moments that Matter in People Management", we worked with 18 companies ranging from digital attackers to major international corporations to examine and explore moments in the working lives of employees that are truly crucial - and try to improve them.

One of our discussions was on the topic of personal development. All 18 companies present use a structured development dialogue for this purpose, which usually takes place annually. Despite all the effort and expense involve, it does not create enthusiasm among the employees.

If you look at events, needs and emotional drivers in terms of UX, you quickly understand:

  • For most people, the end of the year is not the right time, because the reason for such an interview is often a new task, a new boss or an alternative job offer, not the upcoming holiday season, for example.

  • What employees are looking for is an honest assessment, recognition of strengths and identifying development areas and options, not ratings or training registrations.

  • The seriousness of the manager, the personal investment in time and real listening make the dialogue valuable and positive. If the other person has no real interest, the negative effects prevail.

Our discussion therefore spoke in favor of a clear flexibilization of the development talks. In this regard, employees and managers should be encouraged to lead them - but only if necessary. In addition, the employee should have the ability to choose the suitable manager themselves. There's no point in forcing those involved into a conversation that they do not wish to have.

The participants also had similar "Aha" experiences with the other "Moments that matter": assuming the first leadership role, talent assessment or performance feedback.