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New distinction as Hidden Champion

undconsorten was once again distinguished by the German magazine 'Capital' as one of the hidden champions in management consulting. The ranking is based on a study conducted by the Scientific Society for Management and Consulting (WGMB). We are very pleased with the results of the study, which reflect our achievements in terms of our focus on leadership and organization, and also confirm our consulting skills.

undconsorten once again named number one in Leadership & Organization

Maximum: 500 Points

In 2018, we again came in first in the category Leadership & Organization, just as we did in the last ranking held in 2015. This discipline encompasses consulting areas such as leadership systems, HR strategies, talent management, organizational design and corporate culture. We also made it into the top five in the category Change Management.

We are particularly pleased to be awarded distinction in these areas, as they reflect the focus of our consulting approach, which aims to achieve a sustainable increase in organizational performance.

To continue living up to the exacting standards of our work, we also engage in important future topics such as the "Future of Work" or organizational agility.

Team and communication skills most valued

Our reference customers gave us excellent feedback in the study. The skills most appreciated by our clients are our teamwork and communication skills. We are particularly pleased about this assessment, as it reflects the success of our consulting approach which is based on active collaboration with the client and fostering sustainable development of the organization.

In addition, our expertise and methodological knowledge were rated very positively by our clients (ranked 4th in both categories).

Background and methodology

Led by Professor Dr. Dietmar Fink, the independent study identifies the hidden champions in consulting every three years. These consulting firms include those who:

  • are still relatively unknown to the top management of German companies
  • are active in the same market as the consulting champions (McKinsey, BCG, Bain)
  • exhibit skills in a certain consulting area which are more highly regarded than those of the champions

Consulting firms cannot apply for the qualification and distinction: preselection is exclusively based on a nomination made by an independent panel of experts hailing from both research and practice.

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